Just a short step away

Dear Friend of Stanton,

I hope you are reading this because you’re excited about Stanton SoCal. Perhaps you saw the new Stanton Mobile parked outside your church, or you have a friend who is telling others about Stanton and shared our website with you.   

You may be a resident of the Tri-Community who sees the need for Stanton in our area, or you may live in the High Desert and desire to see a life-affirming alternative parked in front of the new Planned Parenthood in Victorville.

No matter how you learned about Stanton SoCal, I believe you are reading this for a reason.

We have incredible news to share with you,
and I hope you will be a part of Stanton’s exciting future!

In 2010, the Stanton SoCal team introduced the vision of a mobile pregnancy resource clinic, equipped with ultrasound.  Our purpose was simple: to reach out with practical help to women and girls in our community in crisis, offering them life-affirming alternatives to abortion and showing them God’s love through our care.  

In 2011, a small Minnie Winnie RV was donated by faithful friends of Stanton.  The next year saw countless hours poured into renovating the interior.  Volunteers spent weekends pulling out furniture and opening walls to sort through wires, moving at a snail’s pace due to complexity and lack of time.

Finally, in 2012, a generous businessman from Orange County stepped forward and took over the renovations, all at his own expense from that time forward.  

Here we are at the start of 2014, many prayers, hours and dollars later.
The Stanton Mobile, which was probably just a dream when you 
 first heard of the project, is now a step away from reality.

Our donated Winnie Minnie has been transformed inside: the bed, stove, table, chairs, shower, carpet, and light fixtures have been replaced with bright new wallpaper, laminate flooring, new bathroom vanity and deluxe toilet, storage cabinets, an exam table, new light fixtures, and a bright coat of paint for the old refrigerator. 

While the RV was undergoing the final stages of its transformation, the Stanton SoCal team was busy gearing up for the day when Stanton Mobile hits the road. We have been training our volunteer nurses to perform ultrasounds on pregnant mothers, and I am working on the application for medical clinic licensing through San Bernardino County.  We are preparing programs and gathering materials.

The Knights of Columbus in Victorville (Assembly #2664) are working to completely fund a new ultrasound machine for the Stanton Mobile through their Ultrasound Initiative program.

It has been a long 4 years since we took that first step in faith and committed to bringing Stanton Mobile to the Tri-Community.  Our commitment has been tested in many ways as we wondered why everything seemed to take so much time!

But here we are, on the brink of an exciting new phase.  Even though the medical licensing process through San Bernardino County could be quite lengthy, we will not be sitting around while we wait.

Our plan is to launch our non-medical support programs now, including pregnancy options counseling, mentoring, post-abortion support, and a sexual integrity program.  Our Mobile will serve as a moving billboard, counseling office, and training station even before it is licensed to go medical.

This is where you come in.  I believe you are reading this letter because we need you.

One way you can help is through the gift of finances.

We have $3,000 remaining in our Mobile Renovation Fund, much more than we anticipated, due to the generosity of the gentleman who funded the last half of the interior renovation.  However, the cost of bringing the Stanton Mobile back to the Tri-Community, ready to use, will be much greater than $3,000.

The exterior of the Mobile remains the same – a faded Minnie Winnie paint job - and we need to replace it with a brand new, eye-catching wrap.  The wrap quotes have all been in the $5000 price range.

Additionally, the Stanton Mobile operating budget requires a total of $2,500 per month to cover insurance, training, fuel, advertising and program costs.  This is a small price to pay for such a large impact, and I hope you will prayerfully consider partnering with us through a monthly commitment.

Our small budget does not include salaries, which is why we need the gift of time!

We need individuals in the community who believe in the mission of Stanton, who are willing to sacrifice of their time to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Crucial roles to fill include: counselors, drivers, mentors, baby blanket makers… the list goes on! You can learn more here.

But most of all, we need prayer!

I confess I am excited and scared for the future of Stanton Mobile.  I wonder how we will pay for insurance and whether we will have enough volunteers to answer our hotline.  Yet I cling to the assurance that the Lord will provide and make a way for this ministry, knowing that He has great plans for mothers and babies in the Tri-Community and beyond.

I hope you will join with me as we step out in faith, praying and believing that God will bring this work to completion and we will see lives transformed for His glory and the good of our community.  Please take a look at this important flier (the link opens a PDF) and consider making a commitment to pray, serve and/or give to Stanton this year.  Thank you, and may God bless you in 2014!

For Life,

Danielle Versluys
Director, Stanton SoCal

P.S.  Stanton’s support programs are gearing up now.  Even though the Mobile is not yet licensed for ultrasound, we are launching our community programs because the need is great.  Our first Volunteer Orientation is scheduled for February, where the Stanton team will present the many opportunities you have to be involved in this important effort.  Details and registration for the orientation can be found on our website -- please take the time to join us and learn more about Stanton Mobile and how you can help!