It was the last thing I expected...

Dear Friend of Stanton,

One recent morning, as the Mobile was parked outside of Planned Parenthood in Victorville, I had an unexpected encounter!

After our team got the Mobile set up and ready for business, I walked out to the sidewalk to pray.  I prayed for the women I saw going in and out of the abortion clinic, prayed for the workers there to be awakened to how wrong the option is in the sight of God, and continued praying for God to bring us more nurses.

As I stood there praying, I saw a woman dressed in nursing scrubs come out of the building.  She jumped into her car and sped by me. She was obviously upset; I prayed that the Lord would help her find peace.

Her car stopped abruptly just behind the Mobile. 

I began walking as fast as I could toward the clinic, assuming we were about to have an encounter with a zealous pro-abortion nurse.

When I opened the door to the Mobile, the woman was already inside.  She was seated comfortably, completing a Client Intake form! 

As we began talking, I learned she was not employed by the abortion clinic but was on her way to work at a local hospital.  She told us that she had simply gone in to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test.  She described her horror at the conditions and lack of professionalism she encountered inside the clinic. 

After waiting two hours for the results of a basic pregnancy test, she left Planned Parenthood.  That was when I saw her drive away with obvious frustration.  She was concerned she might be late for work.

In a matter of minutes, Stanton provided this new mother with a positive pregnancy test and ultrasound photos of her growing baby. 

I prayed with her and we talked about her life, her walk with God, and her intentions for this baby.  She was single and had several older children.  She talked about her relationship with God and how she had been raised in church.  She was in tears as I explained to her about the life-affirming ministry of Stanton and our intent to love and empower women. 

She believed that God had placed us there, right at that moment. We ministered to her and bolstered her faith in her ability to have another child.   

In addition to prompt and competent care, we offered a small gift for her growing baby, as well as information on additional resources nearby that would support her and her growing family.

We can never know for sure what women are thinking, what they intend when they go to an abortion clinic, and it is never our place or policy to judge.

We are there to offer, love, hope, encouragement, to speak to their identity as a child of God. 

We did that for that woman on that day, and for other women each and every day the Stanton Mobile is open.

Thank you for partnering with Stanton to bring hope.

If you are not already a monthly supporter, please consider making a donation today! Every gift counts: your donation could mean a few more gallons in the gas tank, another eye-opening ultrasound, a couple pairs of baby booties. Together we can reach our community!

For Life,

Brenda Higgins
Executive Director, Stanton SoCal

I have every right to be angry.

Dear Friend,

As the 46th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade approaches on January 22, (the U.S. Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion in America) I am reminded once again of the particularly horrific impact of abortion on the past several generations.

46 years is a long time.

I was born 10 years after the Roe decision, so my entire life has been lived under the shadow of abortion.

I have been touched personally by abortion in more ways than I can count. When 1 in 3 American women have had an abortion, it is likely that you too have been impacted by someone’s decision to end their baby’s life. Perhaps you even lost your own child to the lie of abortion.

As a survivor of the Roe generation, I have every right to be angry. I have every right to be frustrated and fatalistic about a society that kills the most innocent and helpless. I could wallow in anger and apathy.

But today, reflecting on 46 years of Roe vs. Wade, I am choosing life.

I am choosing to identify myself with the #StantonRevolution instead of the Roe generation.

I am choosing hope over hate: The kind of hope that bursts into the hearts of women as they glimpse their precious future on an ultrasound screen.

I am choosing advocacy over apathy: Intentional investment into the lives of mothers who need a listening ear and reassuring hand up.

I am choosing faithfulness over fatalism: Linking arms with God’s people to support those who daily minister with love and compassion to the “least of these”.


This month, while news reports and so-called women’s organizations tout 46 years of “reproductive liberation”, the Stanton team will continue serving clients in our Mobile Clinic. Trained advocates and highly-qualified medical professionals will be sharing truth and hope with women who don’t need rhetoric and political maneuvering.

This January, the Stanton SoCal team will be faithfully and cheerfully building up a culture of life in America, one tiny heartbeat at a time.

I am so proud of the work our team is doing, day in and day out. And I am so thankful for the committed supporters who partner financially with Stanton to make it all possible.  

I am grateful to be a part of the #StantonRevolution.

As the sad anniversary of Roe vs. Wade approaches, I hope you will consider investing in the hopeful, faithful work of Stanton SoCal. We are praying for many new partners to help grow our ministry in 2019, and every gift counts.

Every donation to Stanton is an affirmation of the promise that there is life after Roe and hope after abortion.

This January 22, please join me in choosing life!

Always Hopeful,


Danielle Versluys
President, Stanton SoCal