Transformation: from RV to Stanton Mobile

The Stanton Mobile has come a long way!

See below for before and after photos of the interior renovation as well as the beautiful exterior wrap.

Before: the interior of our donated Minnie Winnie, complete with kitchen and bedroom.
Looking toward the back of the renovated Mobile: the swing arm on the wall is ready for our donated flat screen TV, a pad will complete the exam table to the left rear, and the portable ultrasound machine will be set up to the right. Curtains are ready to be hung!

The front of the Mobile: the bed over the cab was converted to a large storage cabinet, the reupholstered armchair will be replaced near the door, and the front seats are ready for their new covers.

The original exterior.

The new wrapped exterior!


Check out our latest update here to see how you can help put the Mobile on the road!