Dear Friend of Stanton SoCal,

“Things are moving along!”

When you are into your second year of “things”, as we are with our RV renovation project, those words are like music to the ear.

In April, when I last shared an update on the Stanton Mobile, we were close to beginning the electrical portion of the renovation.  By May, the first of 3 electricians had quit the job. 

By the end of June, the third electrician proved himself up to the task of sorting through the maze of wires behind the walls of our donated RV.   

Last week, we received the call that included the blessed phrase, “Things are moving along!”

Please continue to pray with me that the Stanton Mobile progresses quickly and we have an operating clinic sometime this year.  Planned Parenthood in Victorville is now soliciting employee applications, and we are determined they will not be allowed to operate without our Stanton Mobile providing real choices across the street.

When I look at the Planned Parenthood job listings, I wonder how many people are applying for those positions.  I wonder how much money they will make, and how they can justify working for the largest single provider of abortions worldwide.  I pray that Planned Parenthood won’t find enough employees to staff their center, and that any employees will have their eyes opened to the truth of Planned Parenthood’s agenda. 

In contrast to abortion clinics with millions of dollars in funding, Stanton Healthcare relies on volunteers, and I’ll take our volunteers any day over the paid employees of Planned Parenthood. 

I met recently with two nurses who have signed on to operate our ultrasound machine in the Stanton Mobile.  Jan and Evelyn will be attending, on their own dime, a special sonogram training seminar in Portland geared toward nurses working in pregnancy medical clinics.  When they spoke of their motivation for sacrificing their time and money to make this trip, the light in their eyes was unmistakable: these women are motivated by love. 

Speaking of loving women, I met with Norine, the director of the Stanton Mountain PRC last week.  Norine and her team are working away in Crestline and the surrounding communities, planning to expand into a medical clinic in Lake Arrowhead.  I am encouraged to hear of their successes, and I’m excited for the Lake Arrowhead clinic and the Stanton Mobile to expand their services even more.

Please join with me in prayer that the planned Stanton Mountain Medical Clinic in Lake Arrowhead would soon become a reality.  With free, life-affirming medical care in the San Bernardino Mountains, we would be able to reach many abortion-vulnerable women who otherwise would go down to San Bernardino or Victorville to Planned Parenthood or Family Planning Associates.

If you are not currently on the specific email list for the Stanton Mountain PRC, please let us know via the online contact form.  Norine’s team sends out an update on the center almost every week, and I know you will be encouraged and excited, just as I am, by their work in Crestline.

As always, you can follow along with Stanton SoCal on Facebook (simply “like” our page to see our posts on your News Feed) or by coming here to the website where updates are posted regularly. 

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support of Stanton Healthcare, standing by us as we wait for “things to move along”! 

For Life,

Danielle Versluys

Director, Stanton SoCal