A sad day for Ireland

by Danielle Versluys

In May, I participated in a 5-day, 100-mile prayer walk from Belfast in Northern Ireland to Dublin.  The purpose of the walk was to pray and fast against the impending legislation being debated which would open the door to legalized abortion in the Republic of Ireland.  Ireland, until this year, has been a strong defender of the preborn child, recognizing the preborn human’s right to life in their constitution. 

Sadly, on July 11, 2013, the Irish government approved the abortion legislation.  The right to life for all Irish citizens is no longer recognized. 

As part of my trip to Ireland, I represented Stanton in Belfast and Dublin along with Brandi Swindell, founder and President of Stanton Healthcare. I was honored to meet fellow workers who fight tirelessly for the lives of babies and the well-being of their mothers by offering free, life-affirming medical care in Ireland.  I was blessed to share the mission of Stanton Healthcare and our plan for united affiliate clinics with local pro-life leaders who caught the vision. 

You can read more about my trip herehere and here, and continue to pray with me for the fight for life in both America and abroad.