Crossing Things Off!

Dear Friend,

Generally, letters from the IRS are not a welcome sight. A recent bundle of mail included one such letter addressed to Stanton, and I opened it with some trepidation.

I was shouting "Hallelujah!" by the time I got to the second line.

8 months after we submitted our detailed application to the IRS, the parent corporation of Stanton SoCal, Love Mercy, was approved for 501(c)(3) status - we are officially a tax-exempt corporation. 

We have still received so much support from the community during this transitional time, and our donations have not been obviously affected by the delay. However, 501(c)(3) status is required by San Bernardino County to move forward with clinic licensing. We couldn't even submit an application without that designation, but now that we have the IRS letter, we are one huge step closer to licensing the Mobile!

The Mobile outside Blessed Junipero Serra in Phelan

Our current Mobile Licensing List looks something like this:

  • Mobile Exterior Wrap
  • 501(c)(3) approval
  • California Tax Franchise Board approval
  • Medical Director
  • Radiologist
  • Ultrasound Machine

Stanton has the volunteers ready and waiting, the Mobile is nearly complete inside, and there are clients to serve in the High Desert! Just a few items remain, and I am asking for your help as we finish off this crucial list.

First, do you know a local (San Bernardino County-based) medical doctor who may be willing to support our ministry as Medical Director? Any life-affirming doctor with experience in the OB/GYN field is welcome - family practice, ER, etc.

We are unable to open a clinic without the covering of a Medical Director. Please contact me directly if you know of a local physician who may be interested in supporting our efforts in this crucial way!

Second, a radiologist is required for us to operate our ultrasound machine in the clinic. The radiologist reviews all ultrasound scans, providing professional backup for our nurses and sonographers. Again, please ask around and pass on our info!

Finally, our ultrasound machine item should really be halfway crossed off in the list above. At last count, the Knights of Columbus (led by Assembly #2664 in Hesperia) have raised over $12,000 toward the purchase of a brand-new portable ultrasound machine for Stanton SoCal.

The Knights have rallied support from all over the High Desert, laypersons and clergy alike coming together to stand with Stanton in a very tangible way. The ultrasound machine fund was boosted in May by a large donation of $5,000 by St. Joseph's Church in Barstow - a huge step toward our goal!

If you are able to contribute toward the Knights' ultrasound fund, please contact George Small at (760) 249-5069. Widow's mites are welcome! We know God will bless each and every donor as they respond to this need. Thank you, Knights!

As always, please continue to keep Stanton SoCal in your prayers as we push forward, working under God's grace to reach the goal of a licensed, operational Stanton Mobile Clinic. We see the effects of your prayers every day, and are thankful for the many friends and supporters who make this possible. We will see the vision come to fruition soon!

Please refer to the right column for our ongoing list of needs, and prayerfully consider partnering with us through a donation of your resources. Stanton needs more monthly partners if we are to successfully put the Mobile on the road, and you are invited to join that crucial team.

And thanks to one little letter, I can now officially say those magic words: all donations are tax-deductible!

Watch out - I might start shouting again.

For Life!

Danielle Versluys

Director, Stanton SoCal