Mountain PRC - New Affiliation

As many of of our long-time supporters are aware, Stanton SoCal launched in 2011 with the Stanton Mountain Pregnancy Resource Center in Crestline, directed by Norine Giacopuzzi and her leadership team.  

In the past 3 years, the Mountain PRC has been a gift to the San Bernardino Mountain communities, serving women and their babies with kindness and compassion.  Norine and her team have worked hard to ensure high-quality care to their local clients and Stanton SoCal has supported them in their efforts.  

Now, the Mountain PRC is changing leadership: as of May, 2014, Mountain PRC has a new affiliation with another non-profit organization.  This decision was made for logistical and practical reasons. 

The Stanton SoCal team is thankful for the work of the Mountain PRC, and we pray for the best in their future endeavors!