New Volunteers!

On Mother's Day weekend, 15 new Stanton volunteers were trained in client advocacy (counseling).   

Our volunteers worked through 8 hours of study, prayer, discussion and role play to prepare themselves for serving clients in the Stanton Mobile.  

The training took place in the home of Stanton supporters, a beautiful lunch was catered for all the volunteers by another supporter, and the funds for the training were provided by the generous ladies at Hillside Community Church.

The group of volunteers came from many backgrounds: retired, working, single moms, stay-at-home moms, nurses, EMTs, foster parents, adoptive parents, Catholics and Protestants.  We even had a newborn 6-pound foster baby attend the training days, squeaking quietly as he reminded everyone of the tiny babies at risk for abortion. 

What a blessing to see so many people come together to serve!  The Stanton SoCal team is thankful for the ongoing support of our community as we work toward the launch of the Mobile

What will the newly trained volunteers do now?  

Every volunteer is now qualified to serve on the upcoming Stanton hotline (the toll-free phone number listed on our Mobile exterior), answering the phone and offering real, practical, compassionate help to local women in crisis.  

Volunteers will serve as Client Advocates in the Mobile Clinic as soon as we receive our ultrasound machine and are licensed.  Please pray for our new Stanton volunteers as they prepare for their ministry in the Mobile Clinic and in our community - they are bravely exploring a new world and will be challenged and stretched in this ministry.