Introducing the newest member of the Stanton team!

We may not have a Stanton SoCal office, but we do have a printer.  A really, really nice printer!  

Thanks to several generous friends of Stanton, our printing needs are covered.  

I had a good laugh when this amazing machine was delivered. Most organizations get the office space before the office equipment, but God has consistently provided Stanton with what we need as we need it.  A printer? Check.  Office space?  Not yet, but I believe He will provide that when our volunteer staff just can't work from home anymore and we don't have enough room to store our donations.  

In the meantime, I will be able to print up our volunteer applications and client forms with a click of a button.  This printer will save hours for me and money for Stanton.  Thank you to our donors for responding to our need!  God has blessed us through you.  

-- Danielle