Medical Director Needed

Perhaps you've seen this advertisement at your church, up on the screen: 

If you haven't, perhaps you should! We are doing everything possible to get the word out about our nearly complete Mobile and our urgent need for a Medical Director, and we need churches to help us with this effort.  

A few items to note about the Medical Director position:

  • OB-GYN experience preferred, regardless of current specialty
  • The Stanton Medical Director must be 100% pro-life without exception
  • This is a volunteer position, with a very flexible commitment (as little as 1 hour a month)
  • The Stanton Mobile can not operate without a Medical Director, so we need you! 

If you are a medical doctor and would like to learn more about this crucial position, or would like to discuss bringing the announcement to your church, please contact Danielle directly at 760-684-8860 or send us an email today.