Happy Mother's Day

Another Mother's Day will soon be upon us! At this time last year I had hoped to see our beautiful Stanton Mobile launched by Mother's Day 2015. 
I have to say with certainty that the Mobile will not be launching this May. I can say, however, that God continues to work in tremendous and awe-inspiring ways through Stanton SoCal - even though we don't have an operational clinic!
Yes, I have an amazing progress report for you from a non-operational clinic. 

How can that be? 
First, the status of our Mobile is that we are currently having the fire inspection completed, we are waiting to hear back from a likely medical director, and the Knights of Columbus are waiting in the wings to purchase us a new ultrasound machine! 
Big things, right? Please continue to pray that we will get a confirmation soon from the doctor and our licensing application will find favor with the bureaucrats in Sacramento. 
These are all great developments, but we are still looking at months if not another year until we are operational. 
In the meantime, God is using our long, drawn-out process for good. While we face continuing delays, I have been putting the time to good use by working on the Stanton Healthcare Affiliate Program. 
You remember - Stanton SoCal was the inaugural affiliate for Stanton Healthcare in 2011, and everything we do here is informing my work developing other affiliate clinics across the country and world. 
With the support of the Stanton SoCal team, I am pouring my energy into the effort of encouraging visionary people to join Stanton Healthcare. With new affiliates in Alabama, Michigan, Idaho, Northern Ireland and North Carolina, I am seeing an incredible response to the Stanton call to replace Planned Parenthood. 
Someday soon, we will see life-affirming clinics offering compassionate care to mothers and babies on a scale that will transform women's healthcare worldwide. 

Someday, Stanton Healthcare will be known internationally as The Right Choice for Women. 
I recently attended a meeting in the San Diego area with numerous pastors, ministry and community leaders. They asked me to come to the meeting so they could pick my brain about how to start a Stanton affiliate. I spent nearly 3 hours answering a multitude of questions, from "how much does an RV cost?" to "how do we train counselors?".
As I left the meeting that day, I realized that this group of leaders was directly benefited by the ministry of Stanton SoCal. 
Our clinic that is yet to be launched has impacted an entire community. These leaders are planning to directly confront the evil work of Planned Parenthood in their city, and I was able to encourage and guide them in this important effort because of my experience with Stanton SoCal. 
All the people who have contributed through prayer, finances, time and resources - every one of Stanton's supporters - have contributed to that impact. 
This has been a long, surprising journey. I am excited for the work God continues to do through Stanton SoCal, and I am excited for the day He will allow our ministry to serve mothers and babies directly in the high desert. Please join me in continued prayer for that day to come soon. 
For Life, 
Danielle Versluys
President, Stanton SoCal