Launching: Protect Them Both

Our Stanton Mountain Board of Directors were blessed by a visit from Stanton Healthcare Founder Brandi Swindell and Stanton SoCal Director Danielle Versluys.  They shared with us their vision for Stanton Healthcare not just in this mountain community but, worldwide. 
Stanton Healthcare is launching their new campaign Protect Them Both. This beautiful campaign will illustrate that contrary to the popular belief we as pro-lifers are interested not only in saving the child but, saving the mother as well.

This campaign will be run not just in Idaho but, here on the mountain!  We at Stanton Mountain are so excited to be launching this campaign at our Dinner on October 9th!  

Brandi told us of a new mega Planned Parenthood opening in Meridian, Idaho This news was devastating, but she sought God's direction in what action Stanton Healthcare should take in response.

After going to pray at the site of the new Planned Parenthood God showed Brandi a piece of land for sale right next door.  Little did Brandi know this would be the location of a new Stanton Healthcare which will open up right next door to Planned Parenthood!  This land was even sold to Stanton Healthcare at half the cost!   

This will provide the women going inside of Planned Parenthood with free ultrasound testing just next door!   

This is just the beginning!  Brandi shared, "Our goal is to use our new Stanton Clinic as a nationwide model for other pregnancy resources centers and life-affirming clinics across the country in our goal to replace Planned Parenthood."  

So many more exciting things are happening at Stanton! Stanton Mountain is pursuing opening up a ultrasound location, Stanton SoCal is working on their mobile ultrasound clinic and the new Stanton Meridian is working hard to pay off their land and begin the building process!  Not to mention several new Stanton locations nationally and worldwide that are in process!  Please lift us up in prayer there is much hard work ahead as Stanton Healthcare continues to grow!   
Stanton Mtn PRC