A Note about Love Mercy and Financial Gifts

Friends --

As part of our call to “Go!”, Stanton SoCal has taken the step of creating an independent non-profit corporation, Love Mercy.  Stanton Mountain and Mobile are still affiliates of Stanton International (based in Boise, Idaho), but for tax purposes we have stepped out from under the Stanton International corporation umbrella.  Stanton SoCal, Mountain and Mobile are now DBAs of Love Mercy.  The board of directors for Love Mercy is the leadership team as listed here.  

Unfortunately, because Love Mercy is still in the process of applying for tax exempt status with the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board, donations are not tax deductible for federal or state income tax purposes at this time.

When we reach our goal of obtaining tax exempt status, it will apply retroactively to all donations made to our organization since its formation. Donations would then be deductible as charitable contributions on your federal and state income tax returns, subject to general limitations applicable to your personal circumstances. Please consult your tax adviser, and we will notify all supporters once our tax exempt status has been approved.  Thank you for your patience!