Think you might be pregnant?

Call Stanton today at (888) 515-7144!

The Stanton hotline is up and running! While our medical clinic is in the licensing stages, we decided to launch the hotline number to provide around-the-clock availability to women facing unexpected pregnancies or seeking help with parenting needs.

Local volunteers are now manning the hotline, ready to answer the phone and connect people in need with appropriate, helpful resources.  We are referring women to pregnancy centers, food banks, parenting classes, etc. and we are thankful to have many partners in the High Desert who provide wonderful services.

The hotline is foundational for our Mobile Clinic launch, and we are working to publicize the phone number throughout the High Desert in an effort to raise visibility of Stanton’s name.  We want to see the message of help and hope saturate our communities!

We need your help to distribute fliers and drop cards in bus stops, community centers, public restrooms, and bulletin boards everywhere!

You can either print out fliers (click on the image to the right for the PDF), or you can request fliers and/or drop cards using the form below – we will gladly mail those to you.

Help us reach women with the message that they are worthy of compassionate care, and that there are truly life-affirming choices available to them – for their health and their babies’ lives. 

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