A Completed Work


In September I took a vacation and was preparing to hike around the Grand Canyon when I got a call about a teenage mom, who was pregnant. She was 18 years old, with an infant son, and pregnant, again.

I spoke to the woman who mentors young mothers like this, and she expressed how this young mother was already overwhelmed with motherhood and intent on aborting that unborn baby. Our volunteers rallied, to get the ultra sound machine and a sonographer to the woman’s home. They met with the teen mom, and once she saw this image of her unborn baby, she chose Life.

It’s easy to get attached to the tools we have, and methods of ministry. Our Mobile vehicle has been in the shop now for three weeks and we appreciate your continued prayers for the situation .... BUT GOD. God reminds us, in situations like this one when I was on vacation at the Grand Canyon....that He is bigger than all of our methods or challenges.

He who has begun a good work, WILL COMPLETE IT.

Just about two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet this teen mom, AND her newborn baby girl. They are both doing great!

Thanks for your constant prayers and support for our ministry and our clients.