Finding the One

Wednesday has been our usual day to be open in Pomona. With the Mobile in the shop for repairs, I have committed to be on the sidewalk with the prayer warriors. Even that seemingly small effort has not been without resistance, I didn’t make it out there last Wednesday after locking my keys in my car!!

We were out there yesterday though, and God showed up and definitely met us there.

We prayed for six people and talked to few more. We also learned that we have had some answered prayers related to the ongoing construction at the abortion clinic there. The construction fencing and limited parking has created an opportunity to talk to more people. They have to walk by us on the sidewalk, so we have a chance to greet them and offer prayer or support.

One group of young women that we prayed for yesterday, were not going to the clinic. They were just walking by, going to the library to work on resumes. One of these four girls, told her friends to stop, she was very excited at our offer to pray for her. As we prayed and shared scripture, (Sonia shared with them the story of the prodigal son and the great love of our Heavenly Father) the girl was clearly touched by the Holy Spirit. She exclaimed, “Why am I crying? This is so great, I can’t believe you guys are here!” She shared how she had been praying for encouragement earlier that morning.

After we were done praying, one of the young women said that she had never given her life to Christ and asked us to pray the prayer of salvation with her.

I shared with another one of those young women, that I had been studying Song of Solomon. I asked her if she’d ever read it. She told me she didn’t have a bible. Her friend told her she had one and would share it. I explained to them how to get scripture on their phones. I also explained to them that we are the Bride of Christ, that Jesus loves us with great passion and in a way that human men can never love us, that the Song of Solomon is a love song, telling us of Jesus’ great love for us. I encouraged them to read it and to call me with any questions about it.

I gave them my business card and my cell phone number. I told them, women’s ministry is what Stanton is about and I’d be happy to help them, to connect and continue praying for them.

And then we talked about the “one”.

The girl who accepted Christ, just kept saying, “I can’t believe you guys are here today.” I told her the story of the shepherd and the one lost sheep. Jesus would leave, even 99 other sheep, to come and get you.

There are no coincidences, and God gives us choices and opportunities to partner with what heaven is doing on the earth. He just needs your “yes”.

What is He asking you for today?

Yesterday, three of us, said yes, to standing on the slide walk, and waiting. Waiting for Him, to send the One.

This is just a little bit of what He did yesterday. He is working, even in the midst of what we think are not ideal circumstances.