Happy New Year from Stanton Mountain PRC!

Dear Friend of Stanton,  

Well it may be a little late to say "Happy New Year" or "Blessed

Sanctity of Human Life Month ".  But, it is never too late to do everything we can to stop the "War on Women" that is happening behind the doors of Planned Parenthood. 

Operation Rescue reports that at the beginning of this year a 

woman in Bakersfield was taken by ambulance from a Planned Parenthood shrouded in sheets, by some very grim­ faced EMTs.  So much for "Safe, Legal Abortions".  This situation is going to play out more and more as women take over the counter and clinic prescribed abortifacients.  


These women are often alone, they have not told anyone they are taking the abortion pill.  Since, they are told to expect heavy bleeding it is common for women to not call for help until they have almost bled to death. 


This is why we are planning to use our new mobile unit and open our ultrasound clinic as soon as possible. This will give women safe, life affirming options. 

Please pray for wisdom as we go through the paperwork of leases, licensing and medical sponsors for our Mountain Ultrasound Clinic.  

In attempts to replace Planned Parenthood, Stanton has put the affiliate program into effect across the country and world. Currently, we have four groups interested in Idaho, several across the United States and two Internationally. 


As Stanton Healthcare founder

Brandi Swindell would say, "Bring on the revolution, baby!" 


But, this mountain and high desert revolution depends on you! We need your prayer support and we need you to ask, "What can I do, Lord?" 

Remember the Lord does not hold our ignorance as an excuse (Proverbs 34:10). He also counts non-­action as non-­obedience. Jesus said, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, when you do not do the things that I ask?" Luke 6:46. 


Last year we added our Mountain Advisory Board to oversee the workings of the Resource Center and to work toward the opening of an Ultrasound Center here on the mountain.  I am excited to have Dave and Donna Golder, Ron and Charlene Burgher, John and Hannah Baldwin and Guy and I serving as board members.  We are currently in need of another board member or two. Please join with us in prayer that God would bring just the right fit.  


It was because of this board that we were able to put together our Protect Them Both Dinner and have funds raised to be able to look forward to renting facilities in the medical center. Pray that the lease and red tape would go through smoothly.  


Pray with us that we would be effective in reaching out to these women with life ­affirming compassion. Last year alone we were able to provided help and support to 66 different women with various types of needs! Pray for the endurance of our volunteers who are answering the call that God has put on their hearts!


Norine Giacopuzzi, 
Stanton Mountain Pregnancy Center