Stepping Out of the Boat

In January I read the book, If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat by John Ortberg. This book challenged me to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and to not allow fear to influence what I was willing to do for God. Ortberg teaches, "The choice to follow Jesus- the choice to grow- is the choice for the constant recurrence of fear." I realized that I had *let fear limit my life* and I began to look at fear, not as something to be avoided at all costs but, as something to be embraced as part of the adventure of following Jesus.

My choice to say "Yes" to God has led me to do things I would have been too afraid to do a year ago. I have found that *the Holy Spirit empowers me*to things I never thought I could do.

One of the most challenging, time consuming and rewarding new things God has led me to is becoming a volunteer at the Stanton Mountain Pregnancy Center. I have always had strong beliefs on protecting the rights of unborn children therefore, I feel very privileged that the Lord has called me to live out my convictions in a practical way.

The past few months have involved a lot of studying as I learn the information, techniques and resources that will enable me to be of service to pregnant women. I have learned that a big need is *simply to be available*. Sometimes that will mean ministering to someone in crisis other times it will mean cleaning out a closet. Whatever the task, I know that the Lord will work through me as I follow Him.

At the Center I have enjoyed; using my Spanish with some of our Spanish speaking clients, organizing and maintaining the prayer list and continuing to learn more about working in the Pro-Life movement. However, I found the thought of working with an actual client to be a little scary. I spent a lot of time praying that I would be able to handle my first experience.

When I finally received the phone call to set up a meeting with my first client it was clear that the Lord had perfectly planned this first experience and brought the two of us together. As I picked up this beautiful young woman in the pouring rain and drove her down to the center, I was able to listen to her story and put to rest some of her concerns. Using the information I had been given at the Center, I was able to connect her with the services and support she needed. This opportunity was such a privilege and a joy. I look forward to walking along side of her throughout the rest of her pregnancy. My experience at the Center is just one example of all I have been learning this year about following Jesus. He will call me to face my fears because, He wants me grow and be all that* He created me to be*. The life I was living before was safer and more comfortable but, I would not think of trading it for the life of service and adventure that God has planned for me. The secret I have learned is that incredible joy was waiting for me on the other side of all my fears!

Tracy Taylor

Client Advocate, Stanton Mountain PRC