Prayer Walk to Keep Ireland Abortion Free

by Danielle Versluys

I am representing Stanton Healthcare in a 5-day, 100-mile prayer walk from Belfast in Northern Ireland to Dublin.  The purpose of the walk is to pray and fast against the impending legislation being debated which would open the door to legalized abortion in the Republic of Ireland.  Ireland, until this year, has been a strong defender of the preborn child, recognizing the preborn human’s right to life in their constitution.  

If you want some more background on why we are here in Ireland and just how crucial the moment is for the life movement in this country, check out our press release

I'm honored to be a part of this challenging and exciting event, but I'm also saddened that the political climate has so shifted in Ireland that we are faced with this crucial moment.  I love the Irish culture and their tremendously family and life oriented society, and it is heartbreaking to see the politicians willing to allow mass murder of tiny Irish babies just to win political points. I wish this walk was for the purpose of rejoicing in Ireland's continued status as "that Catholic country with outdated anti-abortion laws". 

I can only hope that our presence here will be an encouragement to the Irish warriors who are struggling to protect their nation's most vulnerable, and that our prayers (all who walk and all who will be praying along with us from home)  will be answered in miraculous ways by God. Lord, let the Irish inspiration continue, and may You move tremendously for the sake of the preborn both here and at home in the U.S.! 

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