Why a Medical Ultrasound Clinic?

We seek to not only compete but, replace Planned Parenthood.  

Stanton Pregnancy Center has seen the reports, just by adding ultrasound services to our center we can expect to see a 75% percent increase in abortion vulnerable women coming to Stanton Mountain Pregnancy Resource Center. This is huge as statistics show that when a woman goes to a Planned Parenthood, there is a 92% chance that she will choose abortion. However, if that same woman goes to a life affirming center and receives an ultrasound where she can view her developing child she 92% more likely to choose life for her baby.  

These ultrasound services save lives!  

We have seen this in action at the Stanton Healthcare in Boise, which is situated right next door to Planned Parenthood.  There are many testimonies of women have been rescued from inside the killing center.  

As women sit waiting for their appointment at Planned Parenthood they and their loved ones see an add in the window next door that says, "Free Ultrasounds" stirring many to get up and leave Planned Parenthood. Going instead to the life affirming Stanton Healthcare next door where they are welcomed with open arms. This is the power free ultrasounds have and we at Stanton want to be able to provide this same option to the women on this mountain! Do you share the same passion as us? 

Norine Giacopuzzi  

Director, Stanton Mountain PRC