Choose you this day, whom you will serve… Joshua 24:15

We are a culture that values our choices. Tall, Grande or Venti. Regular Unleaded or Premium. We also live in a land in which many of these choices are guarded by the law, and encouraged or discouraged by marketing and promotion.

In this 24th chapter of Joshua, he is reminding the people of all the great victories they have enjoyed, and blessings they have received from God. Victories and Blessing that came without merit or measurable effort from them. Joshua was reminding them, of miracles. Then he challenged them, once they were reminded of God's provision and greatness and mercy toward them, to choose.

"Choice" is a constant rhetorical cry of the pro-abortion apologists.


However, what we have learned in our ministry at Stanton is that “Choices” are few and far between at Planned Parenthood. They do not offer free ultrasounds. They do not offer free pregnancy tests. They do not provide referrals for healthcare coverage, famiiy benefits or support. They do not offer to help or come alongside any women who want to parent or adopt. They do not provide baby products and teaching about sound parenting and relationships. They do not provide information about the risks and high correlation of hormonal birth control and abortion.

They do not offer real “choices”, they offer abortion.

Everyone who works at volunteers and supports a Stanton clinic, mobile or affiliate, is aware of the lack of real choices offered at other places. That is why we have chosen to be part of Stanton. We believe in Choices. We also, believe in miracles, and have seen the hand of God working in our midst to reach women in the dark desperate place where society has convinced them that they have only one choice.

We value choices, so we will keep offering them to women.