Welcoming a New Executive Director

Dear Friends of Stanton,

I am delighted to introduce you to the new Executive Director of Stanton SoCal! 


Meet Brenda Higgins, wife to Joe and mother of two grown children. She is a  former family law attorney, so she comes to us with a strong heart for justice for families and a desire to reach hurting people before they hit rock bottom.

Her calling is now to minister to those targeted by abortion, and she believes strongly in the vision of Stanton to replace Planned Parenthood with life-affirming women’s healthcare. 

Brenda answered our advertisement for a clinic manager to operate the Stanton Mobile, but because of her qualifications and her willingness to serve, she was offered the position of Executive Director. 

We have a lot of work to do during this transition, but Brenda is excited to get started. You will hear directly from her in the near future, after she has taken the reins and set the course. 

On behalf of the board of directors of Stanton Healthcare of Southern California, I am pleased to welcome Brenda to our team. Please pray for her and her family, and pray for the success of Stanton that God might be glorified through lives touched and saved! 

Danielle Versluys
President of the Board
Stanton Healthcare of Southern California

Watch for the storms of God. The only way God plants His saints is through the whirlwind of His storms. Will you be proven to be an empty pod with no seed inside? That will depend on whether or not you are actually living in the light of the vision you have seen. Let God send you out through His storm, and don’t go until He does. If you select your own spot to be planted, you will prove yourself to be an unproductive, empty pod. However, if you allow God to plant you, you will “bear much fruit” (John 15:8).

It is essential that we live and “walk in the light” of God’s vision for us (1 John 1:7).

Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for His Highest”