Celebrating One Year of Operations

Since the Stanton Mobile clinic first opened its doors in October 2016, scores of women in the High Desert have found help and hope through the work of Stanton Healthcare. 

Thanks to our eye-opening ultrasound technology, the Stanton Mobile team has been privileged to witness incredible moments of connection between new mothers and their precious babies. 


One client, Jenna*, knocked on the door of the Mobile asking for an ultrasound after being offered the abortion pill during her visit to Planned Parenthood. Jenna had stepped outside of Planned Parenthood to see our Mobile with its signs offering a free ultrasound, and decided she didn’t want to go through with an abortion until she understood the full implications. 

Our ultrasound technician provided her with a lengthy exam, sharing a beautiful live view of the sweet baby in her womb and a clear idea of what was at stake. Jenna then spent over half an hour with a Stanton Client Advocate discussing her mother’s opposition to abortion and her own conflicted feelings. 

She left the clinic with referrals to an OB-GYN, the local pregnancy help center, and other important resources. At Stanton, Jenna found a listening ear and extended hand, which is far more than she was offered at Planned Parenthood when they proposed to take her baby’s life. 

Jenna was one client of many served in the Stanton Mobile’s first year of operations, turned off by the greedy lies of Planned Parenthood and attracted to life-affirming honesty in the Stanton Mobile clinic. Each of these clients, whether the young woman excited to be carrying twins or the homeless girl who gratefully accepted a chocolate bar during her visit, walked into the Mobile with questions and left with answers. 

In this first year, we have just scratched the surface of what can be done through the Stanton Mobile. Through the kind and caring hearts of our volunteers, through the incredible gift of ultrasound technology, and through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, lives continue to be changed and saved. 


As we look forward to another year, it is imperative that the Stanton Mobile be fully equipped and staffed in order to increase operating hours and client resources. 

Every day we are unable to open the clinic is another day when women like Jenna will be left with only one option. 

The Stanton Mobile was built for such a time as this! 

Please consider supporting Stanton through a monthly pledge or one-time gift to help keep our doors open into 2018. 

*Client name changed for privacy reasons.