Granite Hills High School ROP Class

ROP students at Granite Hills High School in Apple Valley were treated to an obstetric ultrasound demonstration during the final weeks of the school year, thanks to the Stanton Healthcare team and a lovely pregnant model. 

Invited by the ROP teacher to speak to her students in two classes, Stanton's team used the power of the ultrasound to show clearly the miracle of life inside the womb.

Stanton's staff sonographer, Jo, explained how ultrasound can be used and the science behind the technology.  She walked the students through a typical obstetric ultrasound, finding the baby's heartbeat and measuring gestational age. The young people had many questions and were delighted by the experience. 

When asked if the students had a different perspective after seeing the ultrasound, a young man thoughtfully turned his fetal model over in his hands and offered this comment: "It's amazing that pregnant women are carrying something so precious inside them." 

We couldn't agree more.  

And thanks to Stanton's great team of volunteers and supporters, we hope to expose many more young men and women to this incredible view: