Goal Reached!

Thanks to the Knights of Columbus Assembly 2664, many individual donors and volunteers, and the KofC Supreme Council, we are happy to announce that the Stanton SoCal ultrasound machine is on order! 

Many generous people worked tremendously hard over the past few years to bring this vision to reality as dollar after dollar was contributed to the Knights' fund through potato bakes, rose sales and direct gifts.  And thanks to the national Ultrasound Initiative, Assembly 2664's donation was matched by the Supreme Council. Every donation made locally was doubled!

To show our great appreciation to the Knights, their families, the Catholic churches of the High Desert and the community, an Open House will be held to celebrate this tremendous gift.  The Mobile Clinic will be available for tours, the machine will be on full display, and we will share our plans to utilize this life-saving tool in the near future.  All are welcome. Date to be announced shortly! 

Again, thank you to the Knights of Columbus. We hope and pray many lives will be saved because of the ultrasound machine. May God bless you all for your support.