Our Mission

The mission of Stanton Healthcare of Southern California is to offer life-affirming solutions and resources to abortion vulnerable women; provide hope to those struggling from the pain of a past abortion; and share the message of sexual integrity - in a confidential and professional environment that promotes physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Stanton Healthcare of Southern California was the first affiliate of Stanton Healthcare International, based in Boise, Idaho. 

The Stanton Mobile Medical Clinic

confidential. professional. compassionate.

The Stanton Mobile Medical Clinic currently offers free pregnancy tests, eye-opening obstetric ultrasounds, caring counseling and practical help to women facing unexpected pregnancies. Stanton Mobile’s staff also responds compassionately to women who have experienced an abortion.

These life-affirming services are provided at no cost.

Numerous individuals, groups and churches have contributed in many ways to establish the Stanton Mobile. Thanks to them, a donated RV was completely retrofitted to provide a welcoming, attractive, professional space for clients seeking first trimester prenatal care.  

Working With the Community

Stanton Healthcare has established strong relationships with existing pro-life ministries in the High Desert (Rose of Sharon, Call for Life, Moses House, Barstow Pregnancy Center, and others).  Our goal is always to work closely with them to provide the best care possible to women and families, utilizing all our resources.

The Stanton Mobile Medical Clinic currently provides ultrasound technology to the other centers' clients as staffing allows, and regularly refers women to the other ministries for ongoing long-term mother/child programs and resources.

We also rely upon the generosity of local churches and community groups to provide prayer and support to the Stanton Healthcare projects.  Our goal of providing loving care to those in need in our community is one that meshes with existing outreach programs already in place.  Stanton Healthcare provides services that are not otherwise available, such as no-cost ultrasound and options counseling in rural areas, while directing women and their families to  local programs and churches to fill other material and spiritual needs.  

Together we can be the hands and feet of Christ serving others, saving lives.

We at Stanton are grateful for the continuing support of community members who believe in the value of every life and who are committed to furthering our mission to Protect Them Both. Local partners are still needed to support the daily operation of the Mobile, and your contribution can make a difference!

Education and Advocacy

Along with the Stanton Mobile, various programs have been established to promote and support a culture of life in the Victor Valley.  Anyone can participate in this effort by bringing Stanton to their school, church and youth group; read on below for more information on the current offerings. 

From reproductive wellness to pro-life advocacy, Stanton SoCal is committed to educating and engaging ordinary people in order to impact our communities for life.  Knowledge is power! 

Ultrasound Technology
Education Program

Did You Know: medical sonographers (ultrasound technicians) command an average salary of $65,000!

Ultrasound technology is a growing field, and
technicians are needed to fill important posts at
hospitals, clinics and private practices.

To highlight and promote the rewarding field
of obstetric ultrasound technology, Stanton
Healthcare of Southern California is proud to offer
a unique educational opportunity for high school
and college students: an interactive presentation
featuring live ultrasounds performed on a state-of-
the-art portable ultrasound machine, coupled
with current information about entry into the
ultrasound technology field.

Stanton Healthcare presents this program free of charge to schools and community groups. Contact us today for more information!

Protect Them Both
Advocacy & Education


Thanks to the recent exposure of Planned Parenthood’s
unethical activities and the subject of abortion
frequently in the headlines, many pro-life churches and
communities are asking:

“What can we do to combat this culture of death?”

In response, Stanton Healthcare of Southern California
is proud to offer a unique educational opportunity
for groups of all ages: an interactive, eye-opening
presentation featuring a live prenatal ultrasound
performed on a state-of-the-art portable ultrasound

Utilizing winsome arguments and proven scientific
facts, Stanton’s engaging presenters will demonstrate
why and how individual people can advocate for both
mother and child in a society which devalues life.

For more information about bringing this presentation
to your church, youth group or school, contact us today!