The Mobile Clinic has seen many mothers and babies in the past few weeks.  

It was thrilling to have a mother and her husband who were unsure if they were pregnant, then to discover a thriving 12 week baby when we turn on the ultrasound machine.  

"Best Friend" excitedly captures the first ultrasound moment.

"Best Friend" excitedly captures the first ultrasound moment.

We had a visit from two young women who were on their way to Planned Parenthood.  The young mother got a ride from her “Best Friend” (who she affectionately called - Best Friend).  She made a mistake about her appointment at Planned Parenthood and was turned away.  She was seeking birth control but was aware that she might be pregnant.  She came in for an ultrasound and was able to see that 6-week baby.

We have seen several women who were intent on keeping and parenting their baby, and when they visited Planned Parenthood, they were turned away.  Planned Parenthood offers no ultrasounds for mothers who want to parent, and they would not provide a referral to a doctor or other pregnancy medical care either.  We were so glad to be there for those women.  We provided not just testing and ultrasound, but resources to meet their every need and concern about their pregnancy. 

Planned Parenthood would only provide a pregnancy test to one woman, for a fee, and she did not have the money to pay for it.  She came to our Mobile Clinic and found out she was not pregnant.  We then had the opportunity to share the gospel, pray for her and talk about sexual integrity.  She was immensely relieved not to be pregnant, but we could see that she was changed and affected in our interaction with her.  

Jesus told us to go, to be salt and light in a dark and unsavory world.  

Planned Parenthood is a dark and unsavory place.  We are so privileged to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this location, taking up the cause of the ‘least of these’, because that is what Jesus would have us do.  One baby at a time, we engage with the priorities of heaven, making a place for babies to be loved and held in high esteem in the world.

Do not move an ancient boundary stone
or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, 
for their Defender is strong;
he will take up their case against you.

Proverbs 23:10-11