Eight Babies on the Screen

Autumn scents of pumpkin and apple cider waft through the house. Pregnant mothers, some closer to their due date than others, smile and chatter about diapers and doctors in the cozy kitchen. In a spacious bedroom off the kitchen, a young mother reclines against pillows as a nurse practices holding the ultrasound transducer ("wand") just so on her little baby bump.

This was the scene in the home of a friend of Stanton yesterday.
Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and your prayers, Stanton SoCal conducted the first ultrasound training session for our volunteer nurses.
Our nurses are preparing and studying to be the "first responders" in our Stanton Mobile Medical Center. One of the nurses, Evelyn, performed ultrasounds yesterday on both of her pregnant daughters. The other nurse, Jan, has kept up her RN license after retirement just for the purpose of serving in this ministry. Nicki, the RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) who is training Jan and Evelyn on the ultrasound machine, graciously drove 2 hours in rush hour traffic because she believes in the work of Stanton.  
Nicki (right) prepares Jan and Evelyn for the day of scans
We are grateful for them and grateful for the many ways in which God has blessed our efforts even before the Stanton Mobile opens its doors.
One of the pregnant mamas, a cute blond with no sign of a baby bump (she's just 5 weeks along!), talked with me while she waited for her turn to be scanned. She shared with me that she recently attended a pro-life rally and prayer service and her heart was impacted for abortion-vulnerable mothers and babies. She was so happy to help Stanton, and she did help us today - along with her sweet tiny baby!

Two young ladies drove an hour to participate, both clients of the Stanton Mountain Pregnancy Resource Center. They were both around 20 weeks gestation and were grateful for the opportunity to see their little ones on the screen.  We in turn were blessed to serve them and send them on their way with a small appreciation gift. 

This first day of ultrasound training represents much more than a simple medical training session. It represents the "Go!" that the Stanton SoCal team has heard in recent months. Our leadership team has heard "Wait" so often in the past year, as we anxiously grasped for news of our RV renovation or available medical building space in Lake Arrowhead. We have been so eager to pursue the call God has placed on Stanton SoCal, eager to get down to the work of opening eyes through ultrasound. 

Lauren (left) watches her baby on the screen as nurse Jan takes a turn at the machine.
After months of "Wait", we've now heard "Go!"  So we are responding!
  • After scaring away 3 electricians and the investment of hundreds of man-hours, our donated RV is nearly complete inside. This Saturday, our renovation team has plans to finish up loose ends so that the flooring and lights can be installed. Meanwhile, our clinic décor team is busy preparing custom drapes, accents and other elements to create a cozy atmosphere where clients can relax.
  • Last week, I presented a formal request to the Knights of Columbus in the High Desert for Stanton Mobile to be the recipient of an ultrasound machine through the Ultrasound Initiative. The Knights have responded swiftly and generously, and I will be speaking at the assembly level sometime in the near future to answer their questions and explain to them our needs and deadlines.
  • Today, I received news that we have the opportunity to use a large ultrasound machine at our new Lake Arrowhead location. Stanton Mountain is adding a medical location alongside their PRC in Crestline and they have secured office space and community support for the expansion. In order to apply for a medical license, we must have an ultrasound machine ready to use in the office. While we can't use the donated machine in our tiny Stanton Mobile, we can now proceed with licensing the Lake Arrowhead location! The ultrasound machine is well used and nearing the end of its career, but this gift will allow us to pursue licensing simultaneously with fundraising for a new machine for the Lake Arrowhead office.  
  • In the near future, I will have the exciting new exterior wrap design for the Stanton Mobile to share with you. Graphic designers are finishing it up now, customized for our "petite" RV and featuring the beautiful Stanton flower on the side. Our quote cost for the wrap installation is $5,000 and we are praying that God will provide those funds soon.
  • Our first Stanton Mobile Volunteer Orientation, when we will welcome friends of Stanton to partner with us through the gift of their time and skills, will be taking place in early 2014. Our goal is to have a sufficient number of trained volunteers and a strong program to serve clients by the time we open our new Mobile.
If you have followed and prayed for Stanton SoCal in the years since we first launched our vision, thank you! If you have just joined the support team, thank you! Even in those times when all we heard was "Wait", we knew your many prayers were preparing us for the "Go."
I hope to have much more frequent news to share with you, as we step up and "Go!"
In the meantime, please continue to pray for Stanton SoCal and our faithful leadership team and volunteers.
We are also starting a list of equipment needs for the Stanton Mobile, posted online and updated regularly. If you live in the Stanton Mountain PRC area (the San Bernardino Mountains), please don't forget to check their existing needs list as well. Every little bit helps, and you may have something to share that will bless another!
Thank you for your continued support of Stanton, and may God richly bless you this autumn season. 
For Life,
Danielle Versluys
Stanton SoCal



Representing Stanton SoCal in Boise

Do you remember the cold snap in late March?  We had beautiful sunny weather here in Southern California, and then the temps dropped almost overnight. It wasn't unbearably cold, but when you have the mindset of "spring is here!" it can be rather annoying to have the weather change direction, even for a few days.

I happened to take a short plane ride to Boise, Idaho the very day that cold front hit the West - which during my 4 day stay in Boise translated to snow flurries and bitterly cold wind gusts. Thankfully, I'm from the Southern California mountains and came prepared for the forecasted cold. However, when I found myself standing out in the elements the warm coat offered little consolation while my nose was freezing.

Why was I in Idaho, you ask?

I flew into Boise to represent Stanton Healthcare of Southern California at the annual Stanton Healthcare banquet, to meet with Stanton founder Brandi Swindell about the progress of our pregnancy centers in SoCal, and to strategize with pro-life leaders from around the country.

Top: the banquet hall ready for 500 Stanton Healthcare supporters. Bottom left: My name in the program! Right: I fought back tears more than once when sharing about our work in Southern California.
At the Stanton banquet, I had the opportunity to speak to the gathered crowd of 500 friends and supporters about the successes and challenges we have faced here in Southern California as we fight for life. I showed photos from our Mountain Pregnancy Resource Center in Crestline including several precious babies who were saved from abortion, and photos from our ongoing Stanton Mobile RV renovation project.
I also shared with the attendees the message that Stanton SoCal is committed to the Stanton Healthcare vision of offering real choices for women through professional, compassionate and Christ-centered care.
Stanton SoCal is the first affiliate of Stanton Healthcare, and we have the honor of leading the way in the mission to directly compete with Planned Parenthood and other so-called "women's health" centers. Our goal is to become known throughout the High Desert and mountains of Southern California as an organization that cares about women, their babies, and their families as we work to put abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood out of business in our community.
Currently, our Mountain PRC in Crestline is running full steam ahead, and babies are being saved while their mothers are shown God's love in a safe environment. Norine, the director of the PRC, is seeking out another location in the Lake Arrowhead area at which to offer medical services including ultrasound.
Our Stanton Mobile Pregnancy Medical Clinic project is moving along, albeit slowly, as the donated RV is being renovated in Orange County. We are not sitting around in the meantime, though! I am preparing our training materials, clinic resources, and advertisement campaign for the day when the Stanton Mobile is ready to hit the road. That day is when I will be asking you and all our other supporters to join me in putting the Stanton Mobile to work. We will need client advocates, trained nurses and sonographers, baby and maternity item donations, and financial support. Please be in prayer as to how you can support the Stanton Mobile and assist us in bringing real help to women in the High Desert and beyond.
Thank you, once again, for your faithfulness and continued prayers for Stanton SoCal. We believe God will do mighty things through our meager offerings, and He will lead us to victory in the fight against the culture of death in our community.
As always, you can follow us on Facebook for regular updates. Please share our info with friends and family!
For Life,
Danielle Versluys

Director, Stanton SoCal