When the Stanton Mobile Clinic is open, lives are impacted!  

Our sidewalk signs help bring clients into the Mobile - we just need staff to serve them!

Our sidewalk signs help bring clients into the Mobile - we just need staff to serve them!

After just a few short months of being open, it has become clear that the Stanton Mobile is desperately needed by women who would otherwise patronize Planned Parenthood.

We are seeing clients every week who either came to Stanton because Planned Parenthood wouldn't provide ultrasound or prenatal care, or because Planned Parenthood tried to sell them the abortion pill. The Stanton ultrasound machine is put to good use, as these mothers see their babies move on the screen and hear tiny heartbeats going strong. 

The Mobile team led by Jayne Schuljak, our Director of Operations, is doing a wonderful job with the resources they have been given.  However, our operating hours are currently very limited because of staffing, and we desperately need compassionate volunteers to step forward and help make the Mobile available to more women. 

Please take a look below to see how you may be able to help (either in the Mobile or by contributing towards fuel or other crucial supplies)! We can maximize the Mobile's impact just by a few good people stepping up and being willing to give and serve. Thank you!

Volunteer Positions Open

Currently, we need the following volunteers for the Mobile (in shifts of 4 hours/week):

  • Mobile Driver
    This is a great way to contribute for retired gentlemen! Driver brings the Mobile Clinic from Wrightwood to Planned Parenthood for the daily shift. If able, driver remains in the area for the entire shift (4 hours) and provides security for the clinic staff by monitoring the Mobile from the exterior. Must complete clinic orientation.
  • Client Advocate
    Supervises clinic flow and manages client care within the clinic. Completes client intake and provides options counseling and final referrals. No medical experience required.  Must complete Intimacy Before Impact Training (provided by Stanton). 
  • Registered Nurse
    Provide quality medical care (limited scope) to clients who have not had any prenatal care. Perform urine pregnancy tests, review medical information with client and perform limited obstetrical ultrasound scan to verify viable pregnancies. Provide first trimester pregnancy guidance (nutrition, morning sickness, etc.) as needed. Must have active license and demonstrate competency in non-diagnostic obstetric ultrasound. Must complete client care training and clinic orientation (provided).
  • RDMS/Ultrasound Technician
    Performs limited obstetrical ultrasound scans to verify pregnancy. Must have active licensing/certification and demonstrate competency in non-diagnostic obstetric ultrasound. Must complete client care training and clinic orientation.
  • Mobile Receptionist
    Welcomes potential clients to Mobile, answering questions and providing appropriate paperwork. The first, smiling face is often the most important! Must complete client care training and clinic orientation.

Take a look at our Volunteer Packet (click here for PDF) for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fill the Tank!

The Mobile Clinic takes a lot of fuel every time it leaves home. You can help out by sending us a gas card! 

ARCO is a convenient station (cheap and on the Mobile's route), and you can purchase gift cards in your grocery store or online (note that there is a processing and shipping fee to purchase online).  

Send us a card: P.O. Box 189, Wrightwood, CA 92397

Shop our WishList

Another tangible way you can contribute right from home is by ordering supplies for the Mobile. 

Our Amazon WishList is updated regularly with items that are needed in the Mobile (from a variety of retailers, not just Amazon). Click here to take a look at the WishList today - we enjoy getting packages! 

Give Financially

Our ministry capabilities are directly related to the level of consistent support we receive from the community, and we are grateful for every monthly donor who has committed to faithfully support Stanton. 

Please join our incredible team of partners by making a donation toward the Mobile's operations. Our staff is 100% volunteer, and every penny is put to good use. Your tax-deductible gift will help us expand our reach and impact more lives! 

One-time donations are very welcome, and every gift goes a long way. 

To donate securely online, simply click here.

In whatever way you are able to support the work of Stanton... thank you!