Stanton Mobile Update

Volunteers hard at work in Wrightwood before the unit was delivered to Orange County in December

The Stanton Mobile Pregnancy Medical Clinic renovation project is much closer to completion, thanks to the hard work of a carpenter named Jesús and through the generosity of a supportive businessman in Santa Ana!

At the last inspection on Friday March 29, the storage cabinets over the cab and the main cabinet/desk in the counseling area were complete.  Eric, our volunteer renovation project manager, worked through details of wiring and plumbing to allow the carpenter and other workers to proceed with the ultrasound table and bathroom fixtures this week. 

During the inspection meeting, we also received a commitment for a donation of hospital-grade flooring for the clinic.  Additionally, a talented friend of Stanton has utilized her skills and we now have custom curtains hand-made and ready to be installed. 

At this rate, we hope to reach our goal of a completed interior without dipping below the $4,000 mark in our RV renovation fund.  Considering a full exterior wrap for the mobile unit will cost in the neighborhood of $5,000, it seems we may only need a few more gifts to be able to finish up the entire clinic!

God continues to amaze and inspire us with His continuous blessings, and although this year and a half of work on the RV seems like an eternity, we are trusting that God is moving things along at His own pace and for His ultimate glory. 

Please continue to pray for the rapid completion of the Stanton Mobile and for all the people working to make the clinic a reality.